About 3PLW

Founded in 2015, 3PLW is backed by Hutchison-Kinrot, which is owned by Hutchison Water, a division within the international conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings limited

3PLW commercializes a proprietary bioprocess for production of 100% recycled bioplastic utilizing organic waste as feedstock. Current market adoption of bioplastic is hindered by the costs associated with purchase of feedstock sugar derived from major crops. By utilizing waste as feedstock and as a revenue source, the company can significantly decrease production costs of bioplastics

3PLW stands for triple win. A triple play for waste management by reducing landfill burial of organic waste, producing biodegradable bioplastic to offer an alternative to fossil-fuel plastic and cutting Green House Gas (GHG) emissions to a minimum.

3PLW operates a molecular biology and fermentation lab with a team of experts in microbiology, strain engineering and bioprocess development. The team tests samples of municipal and industrial organic waste streams for rigorous validation of technological fit and tailors a unique solution for each waste stream according to its chemical makeup.

3PLW's board of directors comprises of top executives in the chemical process industry and experienced cleantech investors. The company is led by its co-founders CEO Amir Oranim and CTO Tal Shapira. For business opportunities please connect with 3PLW by email or LinkedIn.

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