3PLW proprietary waste to biochemicals production process is based on the core principles of Anaerobic Digestion (AD). It entails hydrolysis of complex organic waste sources, and subsequent anaerobic fermentation. The novel bioprocess reduces AD residence times to less than 48 hours allowing greater productivity with a smaller facility footprint
Creating Value from Existing Infrastructure

3PLW's process can be integrated into landfill sites, as well as anaerobic digestion and incineration facilities, boosting revenue and biogas production while increasing the capacity of the facility with low land use.

Molecular Biology

Utilizing cutting-edge molecular tools, the company  produces unique microorganisms, that extract maximum value from a specific waste stream tailored according to its composition.


With expertise in the fields of biochemical production and recovery, waste hydrolysis, and microorganism engineering, 3PLW provides services to determine the techno-economic feasibility of producing bioplastics from your waste streams.

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